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These web pages are part of our commitment to provide easy access to dog control issues, aid in the reporting of lost and found dogs, legal information on dog issues, obtaining a dog license, and providing information on the County dog services being provided to the community.

The Dog Control program in Columbia County is changing.  We will be updating these pages accordingly as new changes designed to facilitate greater flexibility and customer service are implemented over the next few months.

Investigations involving the neglect of animal other then dogs will continue to be referred to the OREGON HUMANE SOCIETY at Oregon Humane is located at 1067 Columbia Blvd Portland Oregon 97221 or by phone at (503) 285-7722 ext 214.

The County sheltering of dogs is delegated to the COLUMBIA HUMANE SOCIETY,  Columbia County's local Humane Society organization. The Columbia Humane Society operates the Lamar Holshiemer shelter located at 2084 Oregon Street in Saint Helen's. The Columbia Humane Society will provide all the care for lost, found and neglected dogs in the county. The Humane Society will work with the Dog Control Officer in efforts to return found dogs and to adopt dogs not reclaimed by their owners.

Begining July 1, 2016, DOG LICENSING is  managed by the Sheriff's Office, located at 910 Port Ave Saint Helen's Oregon 97051. License applications can be downloaded and mailed to the Sheriffs office with proof of rabies vaccinations. You may obtain a license application from the Sheriff or download a pdf file HERE.

The County Dog Control program is partially funded by the licensing of dogs within the Community. DONATION SUPPORT provides for medical and other animal care services not normally covered by the County budget process. Everyone can help this program by being a responsible dog owner and everyone can help by making a small donation to the Dog Control Program and/or to the Columbia Humane Society.

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