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Tuesday, 03 July 2012 17:56

Sheriff Jeff Dickerson


Welcome to Our Web Site

 Welcome to the Columbia County Sheriff's Office website. In Oregon, the Sheriff's duty is to maintain the peace within the county, and the Sheriff is directly accountable to the people, as an elected official. Many people are under the impression that our duties are mostly in the patrol of areas outside municipal city limits. While it is true that we provide law enforcement services to rural parts of the county, this is just a part of what it means to “conserve the peace” in our communities.

Our operations cover a wide variety of duties from law enforcement, to maintaining and operating the jail, to the delivery of civil papers, execution of court orders, providing safety and security to the county courthouse, organizing search and rescue operations and preparing for and coordinating responses to many public safety emergencies in our county. Our strategic plan calls for collaboration and partnership with our community to strengthen it as a desirable place to live!

Overseeing such a diverse operation is a rewarding challenge, as well as a great opportunity to serve the community where I grew up and where my family still lives today.



“To conserve the peace in Columbia County.”


“It is the vision of the Columbia County Sheriff's Office to serve the citizens of our county with:

  • effective and efficient public safety services;
  • a safe, secure and efficient incarceration facility that contributes to a better quality of life; and,
  • reliable court and civil process services.

Each employee is enabled to solve problems by taking ownership and believing he or she can form partnerships with our citizens and fellow public safety providers to make our community an ideal place to live, work, and recreate.”



  • Employees are valued and empowered to do what is right;
  • Citizens are served effectively and efficiently;
  • The rights of all are upheld and protected
We are committed to doing our jobs in the full light of day and for those we serve to look at how we do our jobs.   We do this in a number of ways, including:
  • Our budget as part of the county budget is available for inspection online HERE;
  • Our jail operations and budget are reviewed regularly by a citizen's committee, which holds public meetings; and,
  • We make our policies available to the public online.  All policies from those on the use of force, to our standards for employee conduct can be found online HERE

Since I first took office in 2009, our staff has worked together to provide to the residents of Columbia County the most professional, respectful, ethical response possible to their public safety needs. I am very proud of what our team at the Sheriff's Office has accomplished and thankful to each of them for the commitment of time and talent to get as much done as they have been able to accomplish – especially in light of the reduction in staffing we have endured over the last five years.

This website has been set up to be more effective and helpful for you as a resident of the county. Our mission and core values reflect our commitment to our constituents and we hope you will find our website helpful to your needs. Here are some of our many features on our site:

If you have witnessed illegal or suspicious activity, you can share that information by sending us a confidential e-mail. If you would prefer to leave a message on our anonymous tip line, you can call our 24-hour a day recorded line at (503) 366-4698.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please take a look at our volunteer opportunities:

If you'd like to see how we've done for the years 2011-2014, check out our annual report by going here!

You can also find out what is new at the Sheriff's Office, the projects we are working, our most recent activities, etc. by following us on facebook and twitter.

Finally, let us know how you think we are doing by sending us an e-mail.

Thank you for your confidence in us,

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