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Access Permits -

Allows the County to monitor and manage access to County, Public and Private Roads. Insures that the access is constructed to County Road Standards and poses no danger to the property owner or the general public.

  • Cost $50.00
  • Required for:
    • Any new road, driveway or access connecting to a county, public or private road.
    • Any construction requiring a building permit.
    • New development of property.

*Applicants must come to Road Department office and pick up an access location stake and place at location of access.

Process (See Road Access Specifications for more details)

  1. Applicant fills out an access permit and submits it to the Road Department along with $50.00 (Check or exact change).
  2. Applicant places an access location stake (supplied by the Road Department) at location of access.
  3. Road Department inspects location of access within ten (10) working days of receipt of access permit application and $50.00 fee. Inspector determines if site meets standards and sets other conditions if any.
  4. Applicant receives a copy of the access permit in the mail with one (1) signature from the Road Department, approving the commencement of road access construction.
  5. Applicant may choose to place a $500.00 deposit with the Treasurers office in the courthouse in order to receive a building permit from Land Development Services before constructing road access. Deposit will be returned upon completion of access permit requirements.
  6. Once road access construction is complete, applicant informs Road Department. Road Department will inspect approach for compliance with permit within ten (10) working days.
  7. If all permit conditions have been met, applicant will be mailed a copy of the access permit with a second signature from the Road Department certifying approved access construction. A copy will be sent to Columbia County Land Development Services.

Note: Land Development Services will not issue a final occupancy until applicant has a completed access permit. Applicant has (2) two years from date of issuance to complete access construction. The $500.00 deposit may be forfeited if the access is not completed in that time period.

View Road Access Permit (PDF)

View Road Access Specifications (PDF)

Deposit Forfeiture Appeal Form (PDF)