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GIS Data Files

**If you are looking for our interactive web maps, the link is located on our Property Records Online page under Columbia County Web Maps.**

These files are the current Assessment and Taxation shape and data files for Columbia County, Oregon.

They are updated weekly, provided to you free of charge and without warranty. As such, Columbia County assumes you have and know how to use the application(s) necessary to utilize these files and does not have the resources to provide you any support beyond this document.

The shape files have been created for for Assessment and Taxation purposes only and may not be suitable for any other purposes.

  • The Values are the current Certified Values.
  • The main table is: RealProp
  • The key field is: MAP_TAXLOT
  • Data projection is: NAD '83-'91, Oregon State Plain, Zone North
  • Units are: International Feet

Before downloading the GIS Data files, please read the following disclaimer carefully:

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GIS Data Files